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I am a multidisciplinary visual artist and graphic designer from Bergamo, Italy. I graduated in 2020 at the University of Arts London, where I attended a Design for Art Direction BA degree at the London College of Communication.

While at my first year of university, I witnessed Brexit evolving right in front of my eyes, leaving me extremely perplexed and keen on giving somehow my contribution in order to help the united Europe ambition to keep on flourishing.
Since this very moment, most of my researches and experimentations as an artist will verge around the urge to fill what I like to call, the European Union iconographic deficit.

I believe that despite the numerous achievements brought by the process of European integration, the scarcity of a bold and vibrant EU visual language within popular culture is undermining the development of a proud and genuine sense of belonging by citizens towards the European project.

My works focus on the fluidity and playfulness of the European dream, picturing extremely technical issues of identity and politics opposed to a strong, whimsical, vivacious and sometimes humorous graphic motif. Filling the gap between the seemingly bureaucratic Union architecture and the European citizenship represents a long-fought structural debate to support more representative and inclusive policy-making processes. As the solution to this factual democratic deficit needs to start locally, I have decided to contextualize my art in the need to uplift the conversation on what the European construction represents and in the ways through which it can be proactively debated to support the fundamentals values and principles of our society.

The enthusiasm for pro-Europe activism and the deep engagement for visual arts merge into ARTIVISM, telling the story of a Europe fueled by awareness and excitement for an increasingly blue and yellow future, together.


EUROPOP - Lorenzo Epis Solo Exhibition
European Parliament, Brussels
12/02 >16/02 2023

the Flag of Europe Art Show
Ventotene International Federalist Summit
03/09 > 08/09 group and solo art exhibition (2023)

Figli delle Stelle, Bergamo per l'Europa
Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura
09/05 > 21/05 solo art exhibition (2023)

Figli delle Stelle
Bergamo, Sala delle Ex Scuderie
07/05 > 22/05 solo art exhibition (2022)

Brexit: we don’t know her
31/10 > 01/1, independent solo art exhibition (2019)

London College of Communication Studio
08/03 > 11/03, group and solo art exhibition (2018)


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Via Agostino Depretis, 11
24125 Bergamo (BG), Italy


Graphic and web design portfolio available upon request

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