BLUEXELLES emerges from the confluence of artistic exploration and European cultural exchange, made possible through the visionary Culture Moves Europe artistic mobility program, funded by the European Union and the Goethe Institut. The following material represents the culmination of five weeks of dedicated immersion in Brussels, where I was able to experiment and master the analogue photo print technique called cyanotype.

The project's essence is anchored in the emblematic hue of cyanotype's blue, mirroring the iconic blue of the European flag. BLUEXELLES endeavors to forge an indelible connection between this profound shade and the broader visual iconography that encapsulates our perception of Europe. Each cyanotype print becomes a portal into the European psyche, capturing both the dream and reality of the European ideal.

The colour blue is achieved through the application of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium Citrate on paper, upon which a photographic negative is placed. Exposure to sunlight or UV lamps then unveils a transcendent, ethereal quality, evoking the depth of the European dream. This process imbues each print with a timeless, melancholic beauty, reflecting the contemplative nature that blue has carried through art history.

The melancholic and contemplative undertones of blue also serve as a conduit for depicting Brussels' unique pro-European nature. As the heart of the European Union, Brussels symbolizes the pinnacle of European identity. BLUEXELLES captures this essence, inviting viewers to reflect on the city's singular spirit and the rarity of such Euro enthusiasm. The exhibition is a poignant reminder of Brussels' distinct place within the European narrative, leaving an indelible impression of its exceptionalism and the wistful longing it may evoke once departed.

As well as experimenting with more tradition photographic prints, one of the main outcomes of the artistic mobility is definitely the serie of sun printed european flags.

On a lucky sunny day, me and Caroline Perron, my amazing teacher and menthor throughout the project, took advantage of the great natural sun light to create the fist ever sun printed European flag(s).

Sun printed in Bruxelles